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With more than 5,000 pumps and 15,000 valves installed in over 200 nuclear reactors worldwide, it’s obvious that E&W is an industry leader in the nuclear space. In fact, we have played a critical role in the development of the nuclear power industry from its birth in the 1950’s, having achieved certified supplier status with several Generation III reactor design firms.

Quality- and safety-certified to build the products your plant needs

E&W holds and maintains the necessary qualifications across the globe for the design and manufacture of our pumps, valves and seals, including:

10CFR50 App B, 10CFR21, ANSI N-45.2, ASME IX, NBIC-NR, CAN3 Z-299, CSA N285.0

ISO9001, GS-R-3, NQA-1 and NSQ-100

ASME Section III Class 1, 2 and 3

N, NR, NPT stamps, ASME Section VIII ‘U’ stamp



JSME accreditation and certification in primary coolant, safety-related and conventional services

HAF 604, HAF601

We design and develop our solutions with an eye constantly trained on nuclear safety. Take our N-Seal, the most thoroughly tested and proven primary pump seal in the industry. The PWR N-Seal has regularly achieved MTBR’s (Mean Time Between Repair) of over 125,000 hours, and provides greatly extended coping times under station blackout conditions—meeting post-Fukushima requirements.

Minimizing scheduled outage downtime with on-time delivery and service

We understand that rapid, qualified servicing is essential to station profitability. That’s why we provide on-time delivery of turnkey services and strict adherence to a plant’s schedule. Our engineers are equipped to run the job at the plant, repairing or replacing equipment.

A quick response to non-scheduled outages

Our quality products reduce the frequency of outages. But when they do occur, our global network of QRCs provides a quick response to solve the problem, reducing downtime in the bargain.


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